M&M Ltd – Swaraj Division (hereinafter called “Swaraj”), warrants that each new Swaraj tractor manufactured in India by Swaraj & sold by an authorised Swaraj dealer will be free from any defects in material & workmanship at the time of manufacture subject to following terms & conditions:

     1 .Term :

    The term of warranty shall be 2 years or 2000 hours (whichever occurs first) from the date of delivery to first owner.

     2. Swaraj’s Warranty Obligation :

    If any defects should be found in a swaraj tractor within the term stipulated above, Swaraj’s only obligation is to repair or replace at its sole discretion any part shown to be defective , with a new part or the equivalent at no cost to the owner for parts or labour, when swaraj acknowledges that such a defect is attributable to faulty material or workmanship at the time of manufacture. The owner is responsible for any repair or replacements which are not covered by this warranty.

      3. Limitation :

     This warranty shall not apply to:

1. Replacement in case of parts getting damaged due to accident and gross negligence,
    on the part of customer.
2. Any tractor which has been modified or altered or the parts or accessories not
    approved by Swaraj have been used.
3. Normal maintenance services, such as engine tune up, fuel system cleaning, wheel
    brake and clutch adjustments.
4. Normal replacement of service items (for example, filters, fuel injectors, brake
    or clutch linings.)
5. Parts of the tractor those have been altered or replaced in an unauthorized manner,
    which in the sole judgment of Mahindra (Swaraj) affects its performance or reliability. 6. Any expenses of transportation or other costs which might be involved.
7. Any damage from environmental conditions such as air borne fall out, sea area
    operation, hail/windstorm, lightning, flood and the like, so as in the judgement of the
    company ( whose decisions are final) to affect adversely its stability or reliability.
8. Any failure of product caused by improper field application of, its implements or
    attachments caused by improper field application or due to overloading.
9. Any Economic loss, including lost profits, crop loss, equipment rental or other
10. Any items used for repairs include, solvents, cleaners, anti –seize lubricants, oil dry
    shop towels, special tools.
11. Warranty claims of proprietary items such as Tyres, Tubes, Fuel injection equipment,
    Battery, Instrument gauges and Electrical equipment, etc. should be preferred by the
    dealer directly upon the respective manufacturer as per their warranty terms and
    Mahindra (Swaraj) shall not be liable in any manner for the same .

      Owner’s warranty responsibilities :

1. Owner to maintain his tractor & get service done from authorized dealer as per it’s
    maintenance schedule by using genuine oil & spare parts used during service.
2. To approach dealer and release his tractor for repairs within a reasonable period of
    time from the reported failure. Should he fail to do so, any consequential damage that
    may occur due to the delay may not be covered under this warranty policy.

      Parts Covered (2 Years / 2000 Hours whichever occurs first) :

All Major Assemblies & Items as listed below
– Engine Assy
– Water Pump
– Transmission (Flywheel housing, Gear box assy, Rear Axle, Differential) Assy
– Hydraulics Assembly
– Hydraulic Pump
– Steering & its Linkages
– Front/ Rear Wheel Rim & Disc
– Front Axle Assy
– Radiator Assy

      Parts Covered (1 Year / 1000 Hours whichever occurs first) :

• Clutch & its related parts Brakes assy,
• Oil Seals, electrical items (Gauges, Switches etc.),
• Sheet metal and its related parts

      Parts Not Covered :

• Maintenance Service Items like bulbs, fuses, coolant, Filters, Grease, Lubricants,
   gaskets etc.
• Parts Subject to Normal wear & tear like brake & clutch Liner.
• Driver’s Seat cover, Ball Joints etc.
• Rubber Parts (Hose pipes, O-rings, bushes, drive belts etc)
• Fasteners

Note :- Mahindra( Swaraj ) reserves the right to update or change working policies, procedures and operating systems at any time.

AJAY MALIK                                         PRADEEP GUPTA
Sr.Manager- Mktg.Serv                             Sr.Manager-Legal

Sr.G.M.-Customer Care.